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Believe In Yourself or Somebody Else Will

Updated: Dec 30, 2017

When the fruits of your labor come to's as amazing as it is emotionally overwhelming. I'm so thankful for Darius Bobo and Timikal Bobo (MyndzEye Productions) for thinking highly enough of me to include me in the writing and creating process of The Lounge Webseries. And had it not been for the most encouraging words from them and my sisters, dear friends and co-writer/creators Laura Wize and Symana She Speaks Dillingham, I wouldn't have considered I could make any meaningful contribution to the process. Anyone who knows me knows, I'm not much into tech, tv or movies and I certainly wasn’t up on the latest trend in web series. However, these beautiful human beings embraced me as a creative and truly brought something out of me that I didn't even know existed. I've learned a real true lesson on how self-doubt can block your blessings. I can now proudly claim I'm a WEB SERIES CO-WRITER & CO-CREATOR. 🎬🎞️🎥🎬🎞️🎥

I'm filled with love and gratitude to and for each of them. 💖💞💖💞

"Believe in yourself or somebody else will. That is if you're blessed enough to have encouraging people surrounding you. Be selective in your surroundings." - DuWaup

Oh and did I mention it premiered on Sunday December 3rd, WHICH WAS MY BIRTHDAY? 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂


The Lounge Season 1 Trailer hot off the presses. Premieres on December 3rd @ 7pm on ...Subscribe today to catch all of the new episodes every Sunday in December. #TheLounge17

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