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Award winning author, spoken word artist, and recording artist DuWaup, is a pioneer who has mastered the page, the mic and the stage, and she is showing no signs of slowing down. With an award winning book of poetry, a journal, five recording projects, a successful poetry slam, DuWaup's Cincinnati Poetry Slam,  she is certainly a woman who owns her own brand.


DuWaup is a wife, mother,  artist, and artist mentor who seems to tackle each role with relative ease.


As a writer and poet, DuWaup is about as versatile as the many hats she wears. Depending on the poem, she is the lover, the sister-girl, the advisor, or friend and she delivers each role adeptly.


She has made many accomplishments during her impressive career and is showing no signs of slowing down. She's on a mission to build a legacy of creative greatness. 

 DuWaup has collaborated with other creatives on major spoken word events, recording projects, stage plays, web series, and publications.  DuWaup released her debut poetry book along with a soundtrack titled "SINCERELY, DuWaup" and "SINCERELY, DuWaup The Soundtrack along with a poetry prompt journal titled "SINCERELY, Me". This triple project was released on December 3, 2021 on Amazon, Barens & Noble and on all streaming music platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon & iTunes.  

DuWaup is the founder and Executive Producer of Cincinnati Poetry Slam as well as the Executive Assistant and Poetry Programs Manager for Elementz Hip Hop Cultural Center located in Cincinnati, OH. She has won spoken word competitions and awards, both as a solo artist and as a member of spoken word groups and collectives.





Co-creator/Host  “Ra Sessions After Dark” monthly artist showcase/networking event featured in Cincinnati’s CityBeat Magazine as “Hot Words” spot (2003).



Co-creator and co-host of “Liquid Sunshine” weekly open mic


Co-founder of “The Ra Poet’s Society” poetry collective.



Grand Prize Winner of “Can You Rock the Mic Poetry Competition” hosted by world-renowned comedian Spike Davis in Louisville, KY.



Joined the cast of “Coochie Chronicles The Spoken Word Stage Play” as a core cast member.  She performed with the ensemble for three seasons until 2011, when she ventured off to focus more closely on other endeavors.  DuWaup has joined the ensemble again as a core cast member.  She performed in the May 4th, 2016 production of “Coochie Chronicles The Spoken Word Stage Play ATL” as well as the September 2016 production in Cincinnati, OH.


Covington City Slam Runner-Up


Founding member of “The Movement” spoken word collective


Co-founder “P.I.M.P Hand Strong” all female spoken word collective



Co-creator and Co-Host “Wordplay Wednesday - Open Mic & Artist Showcase”.


Released sophomore CD, “Play At Your Own Risk” produced by industry veteran, Vibe-One.


Co-creator/ Host “Tranquil Tuesday - Open Mic and Artist Showcase”


Co-Creator/Host “Spoken Soul Saturday - Artist Showcase” which she continues to co-host along with close friend and spoken word artist Symana She Speaks.


Debut CD, "Soul Confessions”. The CD exposed DuWaup to the world as a multi-talented singer, song writer, poet and spoken word artist. The project featured both vocal and spoken word tracks.


Co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in “Indestructible Bloom” spoken word stage production and co-produced the soundtrack as one fourth of the female spoken word collective “P.I.M,P Hand Strong”.

April 2012 winner of Queen City Slam Champion


Awarded “Best Poetry Group”, Cincinnati Poetry Awards as a member of the spoken word collective P.I.M.P Hand Strong



Released “Fanning Flames” a recording of spoken word duets along with spoken word artist, Laura Wize.

2015 - present

Co-creator and co-host “The Poetry Lounge: Poetry Night In America”, a weekly open mic and artist showcase.

2016 - present

Co-Chair and Community Collaborator for Oral Funk Poetry Production's "Last Poet Standing III (Cincinnati, Edition)"


Established “BOLD Created Solutions, LLC”  as co-owner/Business & Development Director,  along with close friend and business partner Laura Wize.


Honoree, 2017 Queen B LiT Ladies Ball, Indianapolis, IN - recognized for talents and efforts in the creative community


Co-Chair and Community Collaborator for Oral Funk Poetry Production's "Last Poet Standing IV (Cincinnati, Edition)"


Founded Cincinnati Poetry Slam

Honoree, 2018 Professional Pretty/Cincinnati Herald Werking Women. Recognized for flawlessly demonstrating poise and passion through corporate careers, entrepreneurial goals, education, and commitment to serving others.


Published SINCERELY, DuWaup through independent  publisher Shug Shuga Publishing LLC

Released "SINCERELY, DuWaup The Soundtrack" executive produced by ThundaGrownd Produckshuns LLC


2021 Top 100 Author's Award Winner


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Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast w/ Lisa Tomey

Trailblazers Radio w/ Frederick Beaty

One Mic Onky w/ Jacy “Prolific” Jones

In The Hotzone Podcast Special w/ Mahogany Henderson

Indie Author Insights w/ C. Miller (Shuga Shuga Publishing)

Write 2 Be Magazine w/ Jimmetta Carpenter

Pretty Women Hustle Magazine w/ Jakia Myles

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